sapareva Sapareva Banya is a wonderful place for a start of your journey in the mountain. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet needed for your full relaxation and self-awareness that will help you to find out the key to your peace of mind. At this small piece of land you discover the blessing of the world and see a miniature model of the beauty of Bulgaria. The nature of the region is not only divine, but also rich in historical and cultural landmarks.
  izvorsaparevabania                                                                                                                            Sapareva Banya geyser. We can’t miss to mention that the hottest geyser on the Balkans is in Sapareva Banya.You shouldn’t find an excuse for seeing it, nevertheless the time of your visit. With its water of 103 degrees above zero that erupts at each 5-6 seconds, it’s one of the hottest and easiest of access in the world                                                                                                                                                                                 
7 езера As we talk about water phenomena, let’s continue our virtual walk to the Seven Lakes of Rila Mountain that are listed in every guide-book. These lakes are with glacial origin and are terraced situated with tiny coursed connection between them. The Seven Lakes of Rila Mountain are a special, powerful and magnetic place on earth where discussions of the White Brotherhood are held – today’s followers of the Master Petar Dunov. There is an easy and comfortable transport to the Lakes by a lift which should be taken from Panichiste.
Водопад Скакавица
  Skakavitsa waterfall is around hour and a half from Rila lakes hut. Its waters fall down from 70 m height cliffs. In summer its high wters come from Lake and streams of the east slope of Kabul peak. 
Църквата Свети Никола “St. Nikola” church was built in 12th-13th century. It is an architectural and cultural monument of national importance.
Водопадът Горица
Goritza waterfall is one of the seventh Ovcharchenski waterfalls, which waters fall down from 40 m height cliffs in the northern foot of Rila Mountain, close to Ovchartzi village. To reach the waterfall there is an asphalt road from the center of the village that leads to the river where the starting point of an Eco trail through the dense forest is. In spring mountain is blooming and green and the waterfall can be seen in its full glory.
Ресиловският манастир
  The Resilovski monastery “Pokrov Bogorodichen” is situated in the northwest foothills of Rila Mountain next to Resilovo village. The convent was restored in the beginning of the 20th century. In the monastery rests particles of relics of saints: St. Haralambos, St. Ekaterina, St. Varvara, St. Kseniya and St. Panteleymon.
 Стобките пирамиди
 Stob pyramids are located above Stob village, in the west part of Rila Mountain. They are located on the both sides of water divide Ridge of Rila River separating Grachkovets and Bukovets valleys. Pyramids have various forms. Most of the formations are of pyramidal type, but there are cone shaped also.
rilski manastir Rila Monastery is situated about an hour from Sapareva banya town. Rila River flows along it. The Monastery is the largest in Bulgaria. It is one of the most visited national tourist sites. There is a museum on the ground floor.
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